What I've been stitching - Pineapple net curtain

I’ve always like the classical shapes of pineapple crochet and had been looking for a project that would be suitable when, having redecorated the living room, my DH suggested I make something suitable for the smallish window at the back of the room. I had my project, but needed to design it myself from scratch as I couldn’t find a suitable pattern.

Much swatching, undoing and note taking later I had what I thought was a working sample and proceeded to have all sorts of trouble as Anchor had decided to discontinue the thread I had decided would be the right one. Anchor Artiste Mercer Crochet number 30. McA Direct came to the rescue and searched out every one of the last of it they had. I had calculated I might need about 20 balls. They came up with 19 and so I could start. I finished up using 18. 

This was one of my ‘waste of time’ projects which I always have on the go. For those times when you are obliged to wait around, doctors, hospitals, trains, planes, car journeys, rugby games and so on. Or in my case also waiting for my classes to start. Many of my learners saw me crocheting away in the early stages of this curtain until it became too unwieldy to transport easily. One of the requirements of my 'waste of time projects' is that it isn't too bulky. 




Finishing it, finally, I blocked it and fell in love with it again. The first pictures are of the blocking in progress, note the bowing of the foam matting because of the amount of tension the whole thing is under, and then finally fully blocked. I applied a small amount of starch in order to get it to maintain a certain straightness once it had been hung. I'll leave you with an image of the curtain from the outside where you can see the pineapples better.